We proudly present: Clean streets and clean air with the RAVO HYGiON 

Visit our dedicated website www.ravohygion.com for more information.

The RAVO HYGiON does not only cleans the streets but also cleans the air by removing fine dust. Fine dust is becoming a major issue in cities all over the world, it can be hazardous for our health and wellbeing.

RAVO takes responsibility by finding innovative solutions to reduce fine dust with the RAVO HYGiON as a result. The HYGiON is equipped with the unique and patented SAIGA Particle system which has been tested and approved by TÜV Germany.

SAIGA Particle System

The SAIGA particle system captures PM10 and PM2.5 from the airflow of the machine by positive ionisation. The fine dust particles are electrically charged by an ionised wind after which they are captured by the positively charged collector plate. The tiny particles clog together into bigger pieces of harmless dust and can then be easily and safely removed during the cleaning process. This process is completely safe for the operators and bystanders since there is no physical contact at any time. The SAIGA particle system does not affect the sweeping performance unlike conventional systems.

We named our system to the endangered SAIGA antelope who filters fine dust with its extraordinary nose. With every HYGiON a donation is given to rescue this remarkable animal. The RAVO HYGION will become available after an intensive pilot period in several major European cities.